As a pupil, I'm excited to experience learning innovatively and enjoyably!

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How will Shkolo be helpful to you as a pupil?

  • Reduce time

    Learn the modern way with this intuitive, multipurpose app! Make learning fun and efficient with personalized tools designed to suit your needs.

  • Everything in your pocket

    Say goodbye to the days of being a school messenger - now parents can stay connected with what's going on in the classroom and outside of it, like extracurricular activities or parent-teacher conferences.

  • Worry free platform

    Exchange strategies and materials with friends or the entire class to get ahead! Unlock new ideas together and learn more than you ever thought possible.

  • Not being alone

    With this innovative tool, learning can be stress-free, and students will have ample time to focus on their essential tasks. What an exciting way to make school life more manageable!

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    schools worldwide

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  • 1M+

    visits daily

  • 1M+

    chats between pupils and teachers

Shkolo Features

  • Assessment & Attendance

    Track your grades and absences in real time.

  • Behaviour

    Follow the feedback that teachers give to you and improve your achievement.

  • Statistics

    Keep track of your achievement level among your classmates and in reference with the whole school. Track your progress over the years.

  • Communication

    Communicate freely with your classmates and teachers. You can create a group with your classmates and help each other in the learning process.

  • Content sharing

    Embrace a diverse media experience! Share and explore the plethora of content options from text, video, and presentations to audio - there's something for everyone.

  • Events

    Stay informed about all school events.

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500k+ students daily learn with Shkolo

Benefits for your school principal
Benefits for your school principal
  • Our statistics and reports aggregate and systemize all school data.
  • Reduce management time tremendously and focus on key role-specific responsibilities.
  • Our communication channels turn a school into a community where everyone is on the same page.
  • Master our platform in minutes, not months.
  • Shkolo guarantees the security of your data.
  • Our team offers robust customer support at every moment when you need it.
  • School travel in your pocket with our mobile app.
  • Minimize the paperwork your teachers have to do and free up their time to focus on teaching.
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Benefits for teachers
Benefits for teachers
  • Interact with students, spending less time on grading, lesson planning, and filling out paperwork.
  • Engage with both parents and students in a streamlined manner.
  • Carry all the tools, resources and contact information in your pocket.
  • Intuitive and easy to master, the platform helps you teach better.
  • Communicate, post updates and send reminders in seconds and build a community.
  • Share knowledge and compare notes with fellow teachers.
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Benefits for parents
Benefits for parents
  • Assume a greater role in the education process by accessing your child’s performance data.
  • Carry your child’s schedule, grades and teacher contacts in your pocket.
  • Remain in direct contact with your child’s teachers and school’s principal at all times.
  • Learn about upcoming field trips, parent-teacher conferences & school events in real time.
  • Reach out to other parents easily without having to resort to group chats on other platforms.
  • An application designed for people of varying levels of technological literacy.
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Why Shkolo?

Shkolo is revolutionizing education, taking it to incredible heights. With the power of cloud-based technology, you can explore a limitless world of learning possibilities!

Say goodbye to miscommunication, delays, and paperwork hassles! Instead, transform your school into an efficient learning community where teachers can quickly contact parents. As a result, kids remember important events or test dates - all powered by a single platform for instant access. With this simple transformation, everyone in the education process will be happy – let's get going!


Most frequently asked questions

The best way to find out more about Shkolo is to talk to one of our representatives. Book a quick demo to see all benefits.

It takes less than 72 hours from the initial consultation to working with the platform.

A comprehensive breakdown of our available plans and pricing can be found on our pricing page.

Yes, each new client undergoes thorough online training for teachers and relevant administrative staff.

Yes, the platform meets all regulatory requirements and is fully compliant with local laws.