Getting schools into the cloud


We are fully dedicated to next three goals

Minimize bureaucracy

Our product boost schools' efficiency by optimizing their back-end and administrative processes and letting the school personnel focus on more important value-adding activities.

  • Automatically read grades from your school books

  • Automatically send reminders to parents and students

  • Online payments - saving time both the school and the parents

  • Paperless tracking of your school assets by simply scanning QR codes

Engage parents

Parents are important part of the educational process. They are expected to be closely involved with their kids' achievements and problems. Thanks to the modern technologies, we could start engaging them more and more.

  • Directly push notification into parents smartphones

  • Let them easily access the achievements of their kids

  • Add appointments into their calendars

Engage students

Our kids become tech-savvy in the kindergarten. Few years later we can't get them away from their smartphones. To get their attention, we, their educational leaders, must be presented in the digital world.

  • Communicate with students by utilizing the latest technologies

  • Motivate students by gamifying their class goals and challenges

  • Let students rate their assignments and teachers

What do we offer

One platform with multiple integrated modules


One window for all communication needs (instead of schools using print, diary notes, SMS, email, web portals for different messages). Directly communicate with parents and students.


Kindly remind parents for due payments. They could then easily and safely transfer money to school's bank account.

Inventory Management

All school assets tracked on one place. Keep history for every asset usage or movement.

Events & Calendar

Inform parents and students for upcoming events. Ask them to confirm or deny attendance. The system could then send gentle reminders (school or class alerts, daycare updates, event reminders).

School Diary

Enables parents to track child’s progress (grades, homework, attendance reports, schedule). Parents could get familiar with child's achievements and problems on daily basis.

Teacher Portfolio

Teachers could create a portfolio of their major career achievements. In result, principals would have complete visibility on teacher's performance.

The Team

Which is humbly working behind the scenes
Lyubo Vanyov

Lyubo Vanyov

Web Developer
Web developer with 6 years of experience. Studied "Software Engineering" at Sofia University.
Miro Dzhokanov

Miro Dzhokanov

Web Developer & UX
Web developer and university teacher with 10 years of experience. Studied in Bulgaria and USA.
Alex Stoyanov

Alex Stoyanov

Mobile Developer
Mobile developer with 6 years of experience. Bachelor in "Software Engineering" and master degree in "Mobile Development".
Simeon Predov

Simeon Predov

Business Developer
Business developer with 6 years of experience. Studied in Bulgaria and Sweden.

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